While it is rewarding and often a wise investment, being a homeowner comes with many new responsibilities. Your home requires maintenance and basic household repairs. You need a well-equipped toolbox to handle these jobs around the house. With these ten must-have tools, you’ll be better prepared to tackle repairs and improvements.


Claw hammers are great for everyday use. One side is for driving in nails, while the other is for removing nails from surfaces. Purchase a hammer with a comfortable grip that feels well-balanced and sturdy.

Manual Screwdrivers are Must-Have Tools

A screwdriver set is essential for any homeowner. These easy-to-use tools can handle all jobs, from opening a battery compartment to fixing a cabinet. A fully-equipped set will include Phillips and flathead tips in various sizes.

LED Flashlight

A good LED flashlight will come in handy for several household tasks. A battery-powered flashlight doesn’t need to be charged and will last for years. If you prefer a hands-free model, purchase a headlamp to keep in your toolbox. 

Invest in a Drill and Drill Bits

From hanging a shelf to mixing paint, a power drill is helpful for various jobs. Purchase a selection of drill bits to have the right one for any task. 

Must-Have Tools: Measuring Tape

A sturdy measuring tape is a necessity for every toolbox. You’ll want a durable, metal tape measure at least 25 feet long. They are helpful when shopping for new furniture or measuring for flooring.

A Level

A level is a must-have tool to verify the fixtures you install are flat and level. You’ll use a level to hang artwork, install shelves, build a deck, and lay new flooring.


A hacksaw is affordable, practical, and easy to use. This small saw will be useful for cutting wood, curtain rods, brackets, and plastic piping.

A Quality Pair of Pliers

Pliers are another example of a must-have tool to have for home repairs. There are several types of pliers. You’ll use them to cut wires and remove different fasteners.

Allen Wrenches are Must-have Tools

Purchase a set of assorted Allen wrenches to help you assemble furniture. Also known as hex keys, this type of wrench is used to install bolts with hexagonal sockets.


A stepladder will assist you with many tasks, even beyond household repairs. Purchase a stepladder to help you change a light bulb, test smoke detectors, paint the ceiling, and reach items on the top shelf of the pantry.

These must-have tools are a great start to a fully equipped toolbox. Good-quality tools help you accomplish minor repairs around the house. Tacking simple jobs allows you to save money and keep your home in good shape.

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