Whether you’re painting your walls to improve the interior of your home or to increase the value of your property, you can learn how to paint like a pro. Following just a few tips will help you paint smooth, flawless walls. Painting is a relatively easy DIY project. You’ll only need some basic supplies and a bit of free time.

How to Paint Like a Pro

Start with a Smooth Surface

To get a flawless finish, prepare your walls before applying the paint. Use a spackling compound to fill in holes or cracks. Next, sand the walls. The easiest way to do this is with quality sandpaper and a sanding pole.

Sand the walls vertically from the bottom to the top to remove any rough spots and smooth the walls for painting. After sanding, wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove dust, and allow them to dry before proceeding.

Apply Primer to Paint Like a Pro

Use a quality primer on your walls to guarantee a smooth, even finish. Especially if you’re painting dark-colored walls a lighter color, the primer will help to cover the old shade. Primer can also disguise minor stains. Primer prepares the walls and helps the new paint color to adhere.

Use a Paint Roller

The most efficient way to paint a room is to use a roller. After cutting in the paint around the edges with a brush, use a roller to cover a greater area more quickly. Keep the roller wet and apply the paint in a ‘W’ shape to prevent paint lines and streaks.

Choose a Warm Day to Paint Like a Pro

Wait until you have a pleasant day with low humidity to paint your walls. Painting on a humid or rainy day causes the paint to dry slowly and it may drip or run down the wall.

Purchase the Best Tools

If you don’t have experience painting, you may not know the importance of investing in high-quality brushes and rollers. Professional-grade tools give your walls the best finish. These brushes and rollers are designed to be more durable and can be cleaned and reuse multiple times.

Protect Your Furniture and Flooring

Use canvas drop cloths to cover your furniture and floors. While you can find inexpensive plastic sheets, canvas is the best choice because it absorbs paint drips. This protects your flooring and belongings and will prevent the floor from becoming slippery.

Mask the Area to Paint Like a Pro

Take the time to mask baseboard trim and window sills, and remove outlet covers before you begin painting. Splatters of paint on a switch plate are a sure sign that an amateur painted the room. Masking the area well protects unpainted areas and your finished room will look more professional.

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