Common Area Inspection for Condominium Owners


How do condominium owners prioritize the maintenance of common areas? Which repairs need immediate attention, which can wait? What kind of general maintenance is a good investment? How do owners balance the aesthetic and functional needs of the building? Answers to these questions can be a source of contention among otherwise very friendly neighbors.

There is a solution! An independent common area inspection with JBS.

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Our common area inspection service provides objective, knowledgeable reporting to help condominium owners address the building’s needs, prioritize repairs, then make recommendations for regular maintenance. Most important, advice from JBS is independent, without the singular bias that often comes with a contractor who has just one area of expertise.

The JBS Common Area Inspection report includes documented images of the following:

• Interior doors, staircases, and entryways
• Roof System
• Exterior siding
• Chimneys
• Attached and Detached Garages
• Structural Systems
• Foundations
• Heating System
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing System
• Electrical System
• Insulation
• Ventilation

The licensed professionals at JBS Home Inspections bring 20 years of experience to property inspections, literally crawling through every accessible space. Condo owners come away with a comprehensive report, and a solid plan to help anticipate the needs of the building and to retain its long-term value for years to come.

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We hired JBS Home Inspections to do a Common Area (roof, basement & exterior) inspection of our six-family condominium building in Cambridge, because we are self-managed and not well-versed in the upkeep of a 100-year old building; we couldn’t be happier with our decision!  In order to decide how much to raise the condo fees, we needed an itemized list of the immediate and potential repairs to be done.  That list is exactly what we got, including helpful pictures from the inspector, Alex Steinberg.  Alex let us follow him throughout the inspection and gave us detailed explanations of our building’s issues.

The report he sent afterward prioritized the repairs that needed to be done, including safety issues, and was astoundingly thorough.  We highly recommend that self-managed condo associations get a Common Area Inspection report and that you have Alex Steinberg to be the man to do it.

Our 8-unit condo association recently hired Alex to come and do a common area evaluation on our building, so that we can project financially for all necessary maintenance and repairs over the next few years. Not only is Alex a super nice guy, but he is incredibly knowledgeable and communicates this knowledge in a way that everyone can understand. He walked us through his inspection with impeccable detail. Though in our case the news about the condition of our building was not great (we expected this, as our building is very old), we are comforted in having all the details about work needed, options for spacing out the work over the coming years if we choose to (and what the order of priority should be), as well as a solid grasp of what we can expect the work to cost.

I cannot recommend Alex enough for any condo association looking to get a better handle on planning and projecting for maintenance.

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