The mild temperatures of fall make it a great time to prepare for colder weather. There are important tasks every homeowner should complete to help the house fare better through the changing seasons. Here are 5 essential fall home maintenance chores to complete before winter.

Maintain Gutters for Fall Home Maintenance

One important fall maintenance task is cleaning the gutters. When snow, water, and ice come into contact with clogged or faulty gutter systems, it can result in extensive damage to your home. To prevent costly repairs, clean out all debris, and make sure your gutters are in good shape before winter sets in.

Address Solid Surface Cracks

Cracks in exterior solid surfaces like driveways, walkways, and even foundations can worsen when water intrudes and freezes. Sealing cracks is a must-do fall maintenance job.

While professionals are often the best choice for this kind of work, homeowners can also successfully repair surfaces using patching or filling materials found online and in home improvement stores.

HVAC Checkup

Have your home’s HVAC system checked in spring and fall, before using the AC and the heat. Preventive maintenance is almost always cheaper than repairs. offers some great tips, like resetting thermostats and cleaning specific system components. However, a professional technician is ultimately the best person to complete this task.

Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing the lawn in the fall is another important step to growing a healthy and lush yard in the spring and summer. This is because roots often stay active in many grass types throughout the cold months. Proper treatment and nutrients will nourish your lawn and help it thrive next year.

Fall Home Maintenance Includes Winterization

Finally, be sure to winterize your home ahead of freezing temperatures. For some, this means removing window AC units, sealing up gaps and cracks around windows, bringing in the lawn furniture, and more.

For just about everyone, though, this also means making sure plumbing is ready for the cold temps ahead. Turn off and insulate all hose bib connections on the outside of the home, and fully drain and store any attached hoses for the winter.

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