During the fall and winter months, it is common for homeowners to neglect the exteriors of their homes. Springtime is the perfect time for cleaning up the outside of the house. The weather is warmer and you may feel motivated to prepare your house for the summer. During spring cleaning, you’ll clean your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but don’t overlook your outdoor living spaces. Here are some tips for spring cleaning your home’s exterior.

Spring Cleaning for Your Home’s Exterior Includes the Outdoor Furniture

Remove the cushions, bring your patio furniture into the yard, and hose it off. Most lawn and garden furniture can be sprayed off with a garden hose to remove dust and debris. Scrub off stubborn dirt and mud and let the furniture dry in the sun. Use a glass cleaner to get tabletops sparkling clean. Remove covers from cushions and throw pillows to launder them.

Wash the Windows

You may not realize how dirty your windows are until you clean them. Even a light layer of dust will block sunlight from your home. To thoroughly clean windows, use a garden hose, ladder, squeegee, window cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar, and some cleaning rags. A lint roller can be used to remove dirt from screens, and you can use a shop-vac to clear away leaves or spiderwebs around your windows.

Clean the Gutters

Take an afternoon to clear out the rain gutters to prepare them for spring showers and summertime thunderstorms. You only need a few basic tools, including work gloves, a ladder, a bucket or tarp to catch debris, and your garden hose. Have a friend nearby for safety. Scrape leaves and debris out with your hands and toss it in the bucket. Then, use the garden hose to rinse the gutters out.

Tidy up the Front Porch While Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Get your front porch ready for guests. Start by removing furniture, planters, rugs, and decor from the porch. Next, pressure-wash the area or use a garden hose and scrub the porch. Wash the door and any windows. Spray off the welcome mat or purchase a new one for the season. Remove globes from lighting fixtures and wash them in the sink. Replace burnt-out light bulbs. Use a vacuum or broom to pull down spider webs. After cleaning the patio furniture, return it to the porch. Add flowers in your planters for a pop of color.

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