During the warmer weather of summer, most homeowners use air conditioners to cool their living spaces. Regular use of an air conditioning system increases your monthly utility bills. Here are a few ways to stay comfortable and reduce cooling costs in your home.

1. Cover Windows to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Home

During a hot sunny day, the temperature of your home will increase if you have sunlight coming through the windows. To keep your home comfortable, install window screens that block the sunlight. Heavy blackout curtains will also keep a room cool. Close the curtains during the day when the sun is hot.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are more economical compared to running an air conditioner. Running your ceiling fans during the day will help circulate the air in your home. In the summer, set the blades to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. This will create a windchill effect in the room, keeping the space cooler without lowering the temperature on your thermostat.

3. Air Conditioner Servicing

A malfunctioning air conditioner is less efficient, increasing your monthly cooling costs. Maintain your air conditioning to save money on energy bills. Hire an expert technician to examine your HVAC system. In addition, clean or replace the system’s filters every 30 to 90 days, or as recommended by the manufacturer. A clogged filter reduces the efficiency and life expectancy of your unit.

4. Seal Leaks to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Home

Cracks and gaps in walls and around doors and windows allow temperature-controlled air to escape. Use caulk to fill gaps. Weatherstripping on windows and doors should be replaced when it shows signs of deterioration.

5. Avoid Heat Buildup During the Day

Interior lighting contributes to a warmer home. Standard incandescent bulbs generate heat any time they are in use. As you replace bulbs in your home, choose LEDs. They provide lighting for your living spaces but generate less heat. Use clothes dryers and dishwashers in the evenings to avoid generating heat during the day. Heat generation in the home means you’ll have to run your air conditioner more frequently, raising your utility bills.

6. Take Advantage of Shade

Shade the windows of your home to reduce cooling bills. There are several options for shading windows. For instance, you might install a retractable awning or grow vining plants on a trellis. You can also add tinted film to the windows to minimize radiant heat. Plant trees around your home to block your windows from sunlight exposure.

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