Being a homeowner is great, but there are a lot of responsibilities that go along with owning a house. A property of any size will have maintenance and repair projects. Keep up with these home maintenance tasks for a healthier, well-cared for property.

Leaky Pipes and Mysterious Puddles

Water is the main cause of corrosion in any home. Pay attention to pipes around the home and look for drips or puddles. Replace gaskets, valves, and fixtures as necessary to stop leaks. Ignoring leaks will only lead to water damage. Leaks serve as a warning that it’s time to perform plumbing home maintenance tasks

Home Maintenance Tasks Involve Servicing Appliances

Home improvement tasks should include appliance care and maintenance. Pull out the refrigerator several times a year and vacuum the coils. Debris and dust reduce the coils’ efficiency. Vacuum out your laundry dryer’s venting system. Lint can accumulate past the trap, which leads to inefficiency and fire hazards. Drain your water heater or have it serviced by a professional. Trapped sediment reduces its lifespan by several years.

An Important Task is Checking for Termites

When a termite infestation is not caught early, there will be structural damage. If you are concerned about wood-destroying insects, hire a professional inspector. They’ll pinpoint the damaged areas and provide recommendations. Take steps to prevent termites because, over time, they cause damage requiring expensive repairs that are often not covered by homeowners insurance.

Servicing the Garage Door is Part of Home Maintenance

The garage door gives you immediate access to your vehicles or storage space. For door maintenance, lubricate the torsion springs and ask a professional to balance the door. Although parts will wear down with time, this home maintenance task will reduce the chances of future problems. A warped door or broken opener costs more to fix than basic upkeep.

Inspecting and Maintaining the Roof

The roof is your home’s most important weatherproofing feature. Roof maintenance should begin with an inspection of the roofing materials and gutters. Basic services like cleaning out the gutters will prolong the roof’s lifespan. Any materials damaged from age and weathering should be repaired. With the proper care, an average roof will protect your home and belongings for 20 to 30 years.

Set aside a small amount of savings each month to cover any home maintenance tasks that arise. Spending a few hundred dollars now is always better than spending thousands of dollars on major repairs later.

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