Should you get a home inspection on a new home? Most people immediately see the need for a home inspection if they are buying an older home. The reasoning for getting a brand new home inspected might not seem so obvious.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new house and forget that new construction can still have issues. This is why bringing in a licensed home inspector is important.

Here are the reasons why you want to perform a home inspection on a new home.

New Homes Are Not Immune to Problems

Your new home was built with a combination of various subcontractors doing the work. With all the different activities happening during the construction phases, it’s possible that something will get missed. Even the most conscientious builders could miss something that a third-party inspector will notice.

A Home Inspection on a New Home Catches Defects Early

Getting a home inspection on a new home before the builder’s final walkthrough results in problems getting fixed quickly. For example, consider the long-term costs associated with insulation missing in the attic. Detecting a problem like this early on saves the homeowner money on energy bills.

A Code Inspection is Not the Same

A home inspector looks for more than a municipal building inspector. Municipal inspectors are concerned with satisfying building code compliance. These building codes outline the minimum standards. Their inspections aren’t as comprehensive as those performed by a licensed home inspector.

A Home Inspection on a New Home Helps You at Resale Time

If you ever decide to sell this home, then the buyer will hire a home inspector. Any problem that dates back to the original construction will get discovered during the inspection. At this point, you can’t go back to the builder and have them fix any of those issues. Any problems are your responsibility now that years have passed.

Get Things Fixed Before Moving In

If you order a home inspection on new construction, you can get any needed repairs completed prior to moving into your new home. This means you won’t have to deal with any noise or dust from construction immediately after the move-in. You won’t be inconvenienced by workers in your house while you are living there.

Hire a licensed home inspector before you move into your brand new home. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the house is sturdy, sound, and in good condition.

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