If you’re like many homeowners, you use the garage to store more than just your vehicle. Because this space is usually out of sight, it’s easy for your garage to collect clutter. Fortunately, smart garage storage solutions can result in an orderly and useful space. Here are a few suggestions for organizing your garage.

Garage Storage Allows Better Use of Space

Functional garage storage is beneficial because it helps you to easily find what you need. When your garage is well-organized, you can safely house your vehicle while still having extra storage space. Here are garage storage solutions to give you a clutter-free garage that is a welcome complement to your home.


Pegboard is easy to install and can be customized for your storage needs. For instance, small hooks can be used to hang things like dustpans and small garden tools. Larger hooks will accommodate things like shovels and rakes. Attach bins, hooks, brackets, and shelves to pegboard to maximize your walls. This storage solution is even available in metal, which is strong, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

Overhead Storage

When planning for better garage storage solutions, look up. Industrial racks mounted to the ceiling of your garage can be used to store heavier items you use only occasionally. Shelves placed high enough will free up space below. Mount bike lifts to the ceiling so they won’t take up valuable floor space.

Sports Equipment Organizers

Sports organizers are metal cages on wheels that are normally used to hold balls and other athletic equipment. These storage carts can hold bags of fertilizer, mulch, and other items you access often. Of course, you can always use a sports cart for the intended purpose: to store your family’s sports equipment and gear.

Multi-Piece Cabinets are Great for Garage Storage

If you need well-organized storage, install cabinets in the garage. Shop at your local hardware store for cabinets that are specially designed for garage use. They will feature a combination of shelving, closed-door cabinets, and work surfaces. You’ll have storage space and an area for projects and home improvement tasks.

When your garage is well-organized, you’ll be more inclined to open your garage door and enjoy the fresh air as you work on your car or find what you need. What’s more, many of the storage solutions offered here are adaptable to any type of garage, regardless of size.

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