The heat during the summer can be brutal. It lowers our productivity and makes it difficult to work and sleep. Many homeowners rush to turn on the AC when the temperatures heat up. But unfortunately, not everyone has an air conditioning unit, and even if you do, you might hope to reduce energy costs this summer. Try the following tricks to cool your home without AC.

Use Fans to Cool Your Home Without AC

Fans are a great way to cool your home without air conditioning. During summer, set the ceiling fan blades to rotate counterclockwise to create a wind-chill effect that cools people in the room. 

Use a box fan to keep your home more comfortable. Set it in the coolest part of the home and angle the fan toward the warmer areas.  The fan will draw cool air from one side of the room and push the hot air out.

Keep the Blinds Closed During the Day

Closing your blinds is one of the simplest ways to cool your home without AC. Sunlight enters your home through the window and warms the air inside. You can keep your home several degrees cooler by closing the blinds during the day.

If your windows face direct sunlight, invest in blackout curtains because they will completely block the sun. While having all the curtains closed might feel gloomy, you’ll feel more comfortable when the living spaces are not as hot.

Let the Night Air In

After the sun goes down, open the windows. Evening temperatures are cooler in the summer, and you can enjoy a comfortable night breeze if you open the windows. Screens on the windows prevent bugs from entering your home, so install them if you don’t have them already.

Seal All Gaps to Cool your Home Without AC

Close the doors and windows to rooms you don’t often use, such as bathrooms or guest bedrooms. Place a rolled-up towel to seal the gap at the bottom of the door. Closing off some parts of the house helps concentrate the cooler air in one area. The rooms you’re using will stay more comfortable throughout the day.

Staying Cool While You Sleep

Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep when it’s too warm in the house. Hot air rises, so it will be cooler closer to the floor. Consider putting your mattress on the floor for the summer. In the evenings, open the windows and use a fan to blow the cooler night air into the room. 

There are plenty of enjoyable things to do in summer, but dealing with excessive heat is not one of them. Use the above tips and tricks to help cool your home without AC and stay comfortable.

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