You clean your house daily, wash the dishes every evening, and even empty your trash bin regularly. But you may be missing areas that need attention. Perhaps these places are difficult to reach, or you simply overlook them. Here are a few commonly missed cleaning spots in the home.

Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots

Whatever the reason, almost every homeowner overlooks areas that need tidying up. If cleaning your house is a priority, don’t neglect these locations.

1. Light Switches

Light switches are often dirty because everyone in the home uses them. Family members switch lights on and off, and light plates and switches accumulate dirt and bacteria over time. Unless you regularly disinfect them, switches facilitate the transmission of germs. Wipe the light switches with a soft cloth dampened with a spray cleaner next time you’re cleaning a room.

2. Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is another commonly overlooked spot, even though it is used every day. You wash the dishes in your sink, but most homeowners don’t clean the basin afterward. A dirty sink can lead to foul odors and allow mold to grow. After doing the dishes, wipe down all the parts of the sink, including the faucet and handles.

3. Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots: Toilet Handle

The toilet lever is used multiple times every day. However, it is also one of the most commonly missed cleaning spots. When cleaning, most homeowners focus on the toilet bowl while they might forget the handle. Keep germs under control by disinfecting your toilet’s flush lever when cleaning the bathroom.

4. Underneath the Furniture

Chairs, beds, cupboards, and other pieces of furniture collect dust, dirt, and pet hair. Cleaning underneath or behind them is often challenging because they are difficult to move. At least monthly, move the furniture and sweep or vacuum beneath it to keep every part of your house clean and fresh.

5. Baseboards

The baseboard trim runs along the edge between the wall and the floor. It is another often overlooked spot when housecleaning. Move furniture and drapes away from the wall to clean the baseboard well. Dust the area, and then use a cleaning spray or soap and water to wash the area.

6. Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots: Fans

Fans help to circulate air in your house. They also trap dust, pollen, and pet fur. Ceiling fans are difficult to clean because you need a ladder, and the task may feel overwhelming. Clear dust from the blades to improve indoor air quality.

A clean home is a healthy home. Don’t allow a few overlooked areas to affect the overall cleanliness of the living spaces. To do a more thorough job, keep the above spots in mind the next time you clean your house.

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